Thursday, August 9, 2012

International Visitors This Week

So disappointed that only one international visitor clicked on the "surprising" box below this week's post.  For the first time, France topped the list as the country with the most visitors this week, followed by Russia.  There were also visitors from Canada, India, Ukraine, China, Denmark, New Zealand and for perhaps the first time, Panama.  I do not check the listing of international visitors every week, so other countries may have been represented as visitors that I failed to see.  I can see the countries from which visitors come, but I cannot see who the persons are, nor can I tell who clicks don't worry about privacy issues.  I don't know where my faithful visitors from Germany, the UK, and Japan were this week, but I missed you!   I just wanted to spend one week letting my international visitors know how much I appreciate their visits.  I will be posting a new message later today.

1 comment:

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