Friday, April 19, 2013

Disappearing "reactions"

A note to followers:  I have been disappointed in the reduced number of checks in the boxes beneath each post recently.  However, I have discovered that for reasons unknown to me, the checks you are leaving disappear.  I will continue trying to resolve this problem with the blog host, but please do continue leaving your reactions.  Sometimes I am able to catch a few before they disappear!  I also know that my reply to a comment disappeared, so I hope disappearing comments does not become a problem as well.  I'll keep trying to fix the problem!  I really do appreciate getting your feedback!  In the meantime, I hope you continue to enjoy the blogs!!


Kirsikka said...

Hi! I found out that you have the same problem as I with the disappearing reactions. Have you found any solution to that or do you know how to fix the problem? I'm starting to be desperate with it and have no idea how to make those little checks stay. :\

Lynda Beck Fenwick said...

Kirsikka, I have not resolved the problem either. Very frustrating! Lyn